Future Orientation

The future is always shaped out of the present. But of course there are some concrete goals that Benji's is pursuing:

- Nature preservation and promotion
- Expand variety diversity of seed conservation
- Offer physical workshops and set up classrooms
- Create a free basic goods infrastructure
- Provide other people with the basics of free development
- Create other necessary interlocking networks

These primary goals are achieved by creating small self-sufficient villages.

How it works?! Read on...

A village was the center of life even earlier in the Middle Ages. It was necessary for settlers and travelers to visit villages from time to time to stock up on supplies, meet social needs or learn new things about life. Because life only happens together. Together our resonance is strengthened and causes an increased manifestation of our being.

Our present purpose, combined with the earlier framework, creates a harmonious blend of community and the preservation of individual space.

In the basic structure, the village will represent a node. Several farms will be built around these villages, which will be connected to the villages in a direct network and exchange information with one another. In a broader sense, the villages also exchange information with each other.

On the one hand, this ensures a free network of people who live with enthusiasm for it and, on the other hand, it is an important basis for independently obtaining all the basic goods necessary for life.

Farms are created for seed maintenance or production of vital commodities.
For all those who would like to support something independent from home.

Villages are enlivened by a few enthusiastic families and offer the public the opportunity to experience this way of life and to avail goods or services for a certain period of time.

Each village will be self-sufficient and harmonious in nature. This is accomplished through a framework that encompasses important fundamental areas of life.
Such as:

- seed preservation
- Cultivation of seedlings
- Fruit and vegetable cultivation
- Harmonious animal husbandry
- Providing local, regional and global goods and services
- Offering courses, teaching groups, classrooms and workshops
- His recognition and promotion

Land areas on which Benji's creates this physical network also serve as a nature reserve. As a result, we strive to buy as much land as possible to protect it from industrial exploitation. All beings will live and work there according to nature.

Support us in which you enrich yourself!

By recognizing the systematic structures of the economy, we use a way to get quality and variety at a price that is often cheaper than the currently traded value of goods.

In addition, we only support people who shape their lives in the interest of nature and want to manifest a different life together. Whether farmers, freelancers, companies, private individuals, children, single people or people who think differently. Everyone at Benji's will have one thing in common, they respect nature and live out their own potential with enthusiasm.

We thank you very much for your support

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